Woesley Johann is a Brazilian musician, producer and music teacher. He was born in 94 and is the guitarist of the bands: NervoChaos, Victorizer and Goat Necropsy. In 2021 W.Johann will release his 1st solo album entitled “Secrets of a Darkened Soul”



Do you want to produce your music or Rock/Metal band and are looking for someone to help you to get the best results as you can? I really can help you! I’ve been working and producing Rock and Metal since 2011 and my life till here is totally dedicated to it. I have the experience that you need to help you in your musical walking, to release your music as better as possible! 

Contact me for details and let’s rock together!


If you need someone to rec your strings (guitar/bass/acoustic guitar) and maybe vocals, I can do it for you! I have my own home studio located in São Paulo – SP with all digital supporting to record your strings or vocals. 


When you record your music, one of the processes is the Editing! I can edit your music and give you 3 recalls totally for free! Just mail me and send your DAW opened with the title (Edit/Edição). I’ll check and respond to your mail with more details about delivery time and values. 


Another process before releasing your music on digital streaming platforms or for your physical CD is the ‘’Mix’’ and ‘’Master’’. If you’re looking for it, I can mix your Rock/Metal song with 3 free recalls with the best plugins available on the musical market. The master is the last process in a music, i offer digital master with the best quality high definition at the musical market with 3 recalls for free too. Mail me and let’s discuss it if you want to mix and master just a song or the entire record. Special packs with 20% off for 3 musics or an entire record.  


In these pandemic times, studying something and keeping your mind busy with good things is very important, and music can help you on it! I’ve been working with musical education for more than 10 years, and the progress of my students is always awesome and notable. I’m available to schedule your first free lesson this year and you can be my studant if you want to get more knowledgement in your instrument. Mail me with the title ‘’Lessons / Aulas’’ and let’s discuss your objectives to work on it.


Do you have a lyric, bass line, drum track or some song that you want to work on? 

Contact me to work on it and help you to compose/write your music. The instruments that i can write/compose for you: Electric Guitar, Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Orchestration. Mail me with the title ‘’Songwriting/Composição) for more details.


If you have a corporation, youtube channel, podcast, movie, game or something like this and are looking for a jingle/intro outro, contact me for more details and values with the title ‘’Jingle”. Send me your references and I’ll create a ‘’sketch” to you to approve and then continue to work on your idea. 


Hey there! My name is Woesley Johann. I am a Brazilian guitarist, I was born on December 5th, 1994, in Caçador – Santa Catarina, a small town in the South of Brazil.

My history with music starts very early, since I was only 8 years old, when I got my first acoustic guitar! From then on, my path on earth has been dedicated to this beautiful art daily, which I consider extremely necessary, to the emotional, rational and psychological balance of the universe. It’s hard to explain so many years in just some lines, but come on, I will tell you a little bit about my history so we can become closer, even if it’s through these lines, my writing and your reading!

Well, I started to work early, when I was 11 years old with my grandfather. It was never my will to wake up every day at 7 am and work until almost noon every day at the age of 11, and also I still had to be at school in the afternoon! But I had a goal, and I started working to achieve my own things, even at 11 years old. Cause I really wanted to buy my first electric guitar, after taking some acoustic guitar lessons. And guess what? I did it! 

I saved all that money during 4 whole months. I always saw the school cafeteria full, but while my friends worried about buying food and snacks, I was worried about saving as much as possible to have even more, however, I had already understood the math of life. And so I bought my first electric guitar in the same year, when I was only 11 years old with my own money. I spent some years studying and dedicating myself daily, finding ‘’help’’ in magazines, articles and going to internet cafes to print tabs to be able to learn the songs and improve my knowledge; at that time, I already decided to live of my own music and knew that I needed to study.

My first band came at the age of 14, we played covers that you certainly also like: Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, ACDC, Kiss, Manowar, Judas Priest and so on… The first concert of my life was at the age of 15, where I got some beers and a few bucks. I still remember the incredible feeling of conquering my first bucks playing on someone’s birthday, only 6 songs.

We all know that to be good at something, we need to repeat and repeat, more and more to be successful… So, at the age of 16, I decided to study music in a conservatory far from home. I took the bus and spent a few days away from home, studying guitar and still working on other things to be able to pay my lessons, travels, hotels and food during the period I had to travel to have those lessons in that musical conservatory. With the time passing by, studying a lot and playing in a few more bands, at the age of 19 I was invited to audition and joined a bigger band. As a consequence of that, I had to move to Sao Paulo, which was my dream as a musician.

In the end of 2014, after spending days and days locked in my room studying for the audition, I had joined KroW. When we started working in 2015, we were rising, and we did several shows during that year, including Rock In Rio, one of the milestones of my life. I was just 20 years old, and I was playing to thousands of people, living my dream, playing live at one of the biggest events in the world, it was incredible, I still feel that energy…

Two years later, I joined Alekto where I recorded and contributed to the compositions of the album ” The unpleasant Reality ” and in that same year I left the band to finish my high school, which I hadn’t finished in the past due to studying guitar in the conservatory period.

In 2018, I contributed to the creation and formation of Victorizer alongside Vitor Rodrigues (considered one of the greatest voices of Brazilian Heavy Metal), being a founding member, composer and also taking over as a producer of our first studio album.

One year later Goat Necropsy was born, a duo totally DIY and extremely heavy, fast, and with the most horrible lyrics you had never seen before. (Or will ever see!). I’ve always wanted to play as heavy as I could, and Goat gives me that: weight and technique not losing the gore.

And nowadays, I am also part of one of the biggest forces of the Brazilian and world Metal, NervoChaos. I joined the band in April 2020 for the recording of our 9th studio album, which will be released in 2021.

Meanwhile, I’m working on my first solo album, celebrating my 10-year career as a guitarist in 2021. The first single entitled ‘’6-6-6 Ways’’ is now available on all digital platforms and you can check it on the homepage too.

Thank you for being interested in my work, for your visit and reading until here! And know this: You are very important in my history, and in my musical life, I love you!